Delay of Preterm Delivery in Sheep by Omega-3 Long-Chain Polyunsaturates

Source: Mark Baguma-Nibasheka, J. Thomas Brenna, and Peter W. Nathanielsz A positive correlation has been shown between dietary intake of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids in late pregnancy and gestation length in pregnant women and experimental animals. To determine whether omega-3 fatty acids have an effect on preterm labor in sheep, a fish oil concentrate emulsion […]

Source and Level of Supplemental Protein for Growing Lambs

Source: N. Dabiri and M. L. Thonney Two 3 × 2 factorial growth trials and a companion metabolism trial with 13, 15, or 17% dietary CP (DM basis), with or without 3% of the DM replaced with slowly degraded menhaden fish meal, were conducted to determine if level of dietary protein influences whether slowly degraded […]

Manipulation of the n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Content of Muscle and Adipose Tissue in Lambs

Source: S. L. Cooper, L. A. Sinclair, R. G. Wilkinson, K. G. Hallett, M. Enser, and J. D. Wood Fifty Suffolk-crossbred wether lambs, with an initial live weight of 29 ± 2.1 kg, were allocated to one of five concentrate-based diets formulated to have a similar fatty acid content (60 g/kg DM), but containing either […]

Growth and Carcass Quality of Prolific Crossbred Lambs Fed Silage with Fish Meal or Different Amounts of Concentrate

Source: Helene V. Petit and F. Castonguay Sixty Romanov x Dorset (RVDP) and sixty Romanov x Suffolk (RVSU) male lambs were used in a 2 x 5 factorial arrangement of treatments including two breed crosses and five diets to determine the effect of breed crosses on performance and to compare growth and carcass characteristics of […]

Fish Meal as a Protein Supplement in Finishing Lamb Diets

Source: H. S. Hussein and R. M. Jordan An in situ protein degradation trial and two growth trials were conducted to evaluate the use of fish meal 0 as a protein supplement in feeder lamb diets. Finn cross and Hampshire lambs were given ad libitum access to corn diets, minerals, and water. In Growth Trial […]

Feed Efficiency, Carcass Characteristics, and Sensory Quality of Lambs, With or Without Prolific Ancestry, Fed Diets with Different Protein Supplements

Source: M. H. Fahmy, J. M. Boucher, L. M. Poste, R. Gregoire, G. Butlers, and J. E. Comeau Data were collected on 130 intact male lambs fed diets based on roughages supplemented with fish meal, soybean meal, or corn gluten-blood meal and slaughtered at 43 kg live weight. A nonsupplemented group served as a control. […]

Effects of Dietary Fat Source and Breed on the Carcass Composition, n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid and Conjugated Linoleic Acid Content of Sheep Meat and Adipose Tissue

Source: A. M. Wachira, L. A. Sinclair, R. G. Wilkinson, M. Enser, J. D. Wood and A. V. Fisher Seventy-two 8-week-old ram lambs from three breeds, Suffolk, Soay and Friesland, were offered one of four diets based on dried grass and formulated to have a similar fatty acid content (60 g/kg DM) and containing: Megalac […]

Effect of Diets Containing n–3 Fatty Acids on Muscle Long-Chain n–3 Fatty Acid Content in Lambs Fed Low- and Medium-Quality Roughage Diets

Source: E. N. Ponnampalam, A. J. Sinclair, A. R. Egan, S. J. Blakeley, and B. J. Leury In two experiments, each with 32 cross-bred ([Merino × Border Leicester] × Poll Dorset) wether lambs (26 to 33 kg weight range), animals were randomly assigned to one of four treatments. A mixture of lucerne chaff:oaten chaff was […]