Nursery and Greenhouse Crops

OmegaGrow® fertilizer is made of concentrated fish emulsion (FE). In laboratory studies, it has been established that FE, added at 2–4 percent to potting medium, providing all the nutrients the plants require for up to four weeks.

FE, applied weekly as a spray to tomato and pepper foliage at rates of 0.5–1.0 percent (v/v) increased both fruit quality and total yields. Even after dozens of field trials, yield decreases or plant damage was never seen, even when rates of eight percent FE (v/v) were applied.

FE was also applied to soils used for potato production. The soils used had very high levels of the pathogens that cause Verticillium wilt, black spot and potato scab. The addition of FE boosted yields beyond what could be explained by the level of nutrients added in microplot tests.

In muck soils, FE was found to enrich populations of bacteria that are well-known biological control agents, particularly Burkholderia species. Whether this is a primary mechanism by which FE acts to control substrate and soil-borne disease will need to be determined.