OmegaGrow® Fertilizer


OmegaGrow® fertilizer provides a rich source of nutrients that slowly break down and release nitrogen into the soil, continually supporting root growth, stand strength, seed germination and yield, without harming the environment as some chemical agents can. This is a natural, organic and positive way to enhance crops. 

OmegaGrow® fertilizer can be used for any type of plant, from fruits and vegetables, to nurseries and greenhouses, and is listed for organic uses by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute). This product can be used alone or in addition to your current organic or conventional fertilization program. OmegaGrow® fertilizer is made for use in conjunction with your current fertilizer program. This all-natural product is run through an 80-mesh screen to make sure that it will not clog your sprayer and will spread evenly during application.

Product Applications

field-cropsField Crops




Fruit and Nut Crops




Nursery and Greenhouse Crops




Vegetable Crops




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