Neptune Fish Concentrate®

Neptune Fish Concentrate® is used in the aquaculture industry as a conNeptune Fish Solubles- Omega Proteinsistent, quality controlled, condensed attractant that is dependable in both its nutrient makeup and availability throughout the year. Neptune Fish Concentrate® is composed of low molecular weight water soluble compounds including free amino acids, peptides and nucleotides. Its strong fish odor and flavor as well as its high level of crude protein in the form of amino acids and peptides, are desired in a number of aquaculture feeds.

Product Features

  • Typical fat level 6-10%

Product Specifications

Typical Range
Crude Protein 28 26 – 31
Fat 15 11 – 18
Moisture 45 40 – 50
Ash 7 6 – 9
pH 3.8 3.5 – 4.0
TVN 0.27 0.23 – 0

Product Applications


fishNeptune Fish Concentrate® can provide benefits in aquaculture production including use as an attractant, as a fertilizer in grow-out ponds to help feed plankton and in improving pellet quality. Used typically at a 3-5% inclusion rate in both finfish and shrimp diets, Neptune Fish Concentrate® may improves attractability and consumption.

Product Details