Special Select® Fish Meal

Special Select Fish MealSpecial Select® premium fish meal is a high-quality protein made from menhaden. Unlike sources of plant proteins such as soybean meal, Special Select® fish meal is a complete source of highly digestible, low-allergenic protein, has a superior amino acid profile, is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and is a natural protein source for animals and fish.

Product Features

  • Rich source of omega-3 fatty acids (approx 2.5%)
  • 60% protein
  • Complete amino acid profile

Product Specifications

Typical Range
Crude Protein 62 – 64 60 – 64
Fat 9.0 6 – 12
Moisture 8.0 6 – 11
Ash 19.5 17 – 22
Histamine (PPM) 250 50 – 500



Product Applications

Omega Protein Products for AquacultureAquaculture

Formulating efficient protein and energy requirements in aquaculture rations is a challenge among aquaculture nutritionists. Special Select® fish meal provides over 60% protein, satisfying the crude protein to energy relationship in the desired nutritional range.

Omega Protein Products for SwineSwine

The amino acid profile found in Special Select® fish meal resembles that of sow’s milk and baby pig tissue enhancing the gastrointestinal system of neonatal pigs. Improvement in growth is also seen in early-weened pigs when development is crucial and bolsters the pig’s resistance to numerous diseases.

Omega Protein Products for PetPet

Special Select® fish meal is highly digestible and low in potential allergens providing companion animals with the essential amino acids needed for optimum growth and development.

Product Details