SeaLac® Fish Meal

SeaLac Fish MealSeaLac® fish meal is a high-quality protein feed ingredient made from Menhaden. Unlike sources of plant proteins such as soybean meal, SeaLac® fish meal is a complete source of highly digestible, protein with a superior amino acid profile as well as an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Product Features

  • Rich source of omega-3 fatty acids (approx 2.5%)
  • 60% protein
  • Complete amino acid profile

Product Specifications

Typical (as fed) Range (as fed) Typical Dry Matter
Crude Protein 62-64 60 – 65 69.5
Fat 9.0 6 – 12 9.2
Moisture 8.0 6 – 11 0.0
Ash 19.5 17 – 21 20.9
NEL (Mcal/LB) 0.7

Product Applications

Omega Protein Products- Beef and Dairy CowsDairy

SeaLac® fish meal has an exceptional amino acid profile closely resembling that of milk and the microbial protein of ruminant animals. This provides quality protein post-ruminally where the most effective absorption occurs satisfying the individual amino acid requirements of the dairy cow. Lysine and methionine have been most frequently identified as the first-limiting essential amino acids in the metabolism of protein in dairy cattle. Fish meal has the highest combined bypass value for lysine and methionine than any other protein.

Omega Protein Products- Beef and Dairy CowsBeef

The amino acid profile found in SeaLac® fish meal provides beef cattle with the added nutrients needed to improve feed efficiency and average daily gain. Beef from fish meal supplemented cattle have higher omega-3 fatty acid content for consumers seeking out beef with a superior nutritional profile.

Product Details