Effect of Fish Meal Supplementation on Plasma and Endometrial Fatty Acid Composition in Nonlactating Beef Cows

An experiment was conducted at Colorado State University to determine the effects of SeaLac® fish meal supplementation on blood and uterine ω-3 fatty acid composition. Seven nonlactating mature Angus cows were housed in individual pens and fed a corn silage-based diet for approximately 64 days (Table 1). Diets were supplemented with 5.1% fish meal (n = 3 cows) or 8.5% corn gluten meal (n = 4 cows) and formulated to contain the same level of energy and protein which met or exceeded NRC (1996) requirements for nonlactating beef cows. Jugular blood samples were collected immediately before the start of supplementation and every 7 days thereafter for 35 days to monitor blood ω-3 fatty acid composition. The uterus was collected at approximately 64 days after supplementation to determine changes in ω-3 fatty acid in this tissue.