Friend of the Sea

A Line About Friend of the Sea

Friend of the Sea

fots-logoOmega Protein’s menhaden fleet has been certified by Friend of the Sea in recognition of our record of supporting marine conservation, environmental protection and sustainable fishing practices in regards to the menhaden fishery.

The main seafood certification system in the world, Friend of the Sea is a nonprofit, independent organization dedicated to conserving marine habitats and resources through sustainable practices.

Friend of the Sea follows these guidelines to certify applicants for sustainability:

  • Target stocks cannot be considered overexploited.
  • Applicant’s fishing methods cannot impact the seabed.
  • Applicant’s fishing method cannot discard more than eight percent in weight of the total catch.

To maintain the Friend of the Sea Certification, Omega Protein takes the following voluntary measures:

  • We do not participate in roe fisheries.
  • We only fish in approved, designated U.S. coastal waters.
  • The by-catch—or the catch of non-target species—is generally less than one percent by volume.
  • We use a mesh net that allows smaller and immature fish to escape.
  • The entire fish is rendered, thus no byproduct or offal is created.
  • Illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fish are banned from our processes.