About Us

About Us

Omega Protein- Animal Nutrition

Omega Protein- Animal Nutrition develops, produces, and delivers a custom line of omega-3 fish oil, protein-rich specialty fish meal and organic fish solubles for livestock, aquaculture, companion animal and equine feed manufacturers. Founded in 1913 as a commercial fishing operation, Omega Protein’s legacy business allowed the Company to become one of the world’s leading producers of fish oil and the largest manufacture of fish meal in the United States.

The Company’s marine ingredients are sourced from menhaden, an Omega-3 rich fish harvested in the federally-regulated waters along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Every step of the production process is controlled by our marine operations team—from company-owned fishing vessels, to manufacturing facilities, to refining—Omega Protein ensures product integrity, consistent quality and complete traceability.

At Omega Protein, we strive to be a respected leader in every market we serve by providing customers with premium, sustainable products.